JTA: Amid declining Jewish caucus in Congress, rising concerns over communal influence

I thought we weren’t supposed to talk about Jewish influence? I thought that was a subject you could not discuss publicly? Why would Jewish numbers in Congress matter? If they do matter, then surely Jewish numbers in media, entertainment, banking, etc also matter?

REPORT: WASHINGTON (JTA) – From 31 in 2009 to a likely 19 in January, the unofficial Jewish caucus in the U.S. House of Representatives is shrinking fast.
Jewish lawmakers have traditionally been the first stop for Jewish lobbyists seeking inroads for their issues, including Israel, preserving the social safety net, and keeping church and state separate. Additionally, lawmakers generally seek guidance from colleagues most invested in an issue.
Fewer Jewish lawmakers means the community could lose influence in areas where its voice has been preeminent.
“The Jewish community is going to have to work harder,” said one veteran official who has worked both as a professional in the Jewish community and a staffer for a Jewish lawmaker.

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