Dealing With Abandonment

Therapist Mark Smith: “You are only going to be highly attracted to people who are made of the same psychological DNA as the people who hurt you the most growing up.”

“If you start at 3 in psychological health and get to 4.5 after many many years of therapy, you have done fantastic work.”

“A domineering abusive father will cause you when you grow up to either become domineering and abusive or to marry it.”

“The reason you enlisted the services of such a wicked and hurtful abandoner of you is to help you to re-enact your childhood abandonment. They didn’t do this to you. You arranged this for yourself. Out of everyone on the planet, this is who you picked to love you. You picked the right person and whatever they do to you is far. Nobody puts a gun to your head and forces you to marry someone. We only fall in love with people who are equal to our level of emotional health.”

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