Shalhevet’s New Regime

Shalhevet is a left-wing Modern Orthodox day school. It is the only one in Los Angeles where boys and girls get the same curriculum.

The school has a new leader — Rabbi Elchanan Weinbach who’s brought in an efficient East Coast mentality. Teachers no longer get everything they ask for. Students who don’t dress or act appropriately get citations. Three citations in a month and you have to serve detention.

The place at Olympic and Fairfax has never looked better thanks to massive donations from the Harkham family (of Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy fame). These donors are putting in massive amounts of time as well as money.

Rabbi Weinbach got rid of Beatrice the registrar, Debbie the secretary and one other female assistant who were from the Jerry Friedman regime.

Before Jerry left, he got rid of two longtime rabbis at the school who he hated and gave long-term contracts to several of his supporters.

There’s no longer such a huge divide between Shalhevet’s high school and middle school.

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