How They Do It In New York

A Jewish friend told me the other day: “I like how the left-wing anti-racist Columbia administration keeps expanding the campus north into Harlem, and using eminent domain to kick the black people out of the neighborhood. I think it’s funny. Michael Bloomberg did the same thing.”

Another friend chimed in: “The thing is, when you’re a liberal Jew, as I am, you have an almost spiritual empathy for the Negro, which is why you can’t countenance racism from trashy whites below our socioeconomic station. But we’re not stupid–no way in hell I’m gonna let mud people send their mud babies to school with my omg so brilliant children.”

My friend Abe says: The Jewish social-democrats didn’t really buy into all that civil rights stuff. It wasn’t that they were proud to be racist, per se, but the “race is a social construct” concept was foreign to them. And because the SD were a pre-war movement, they didn’t have the post-war emphasis on hiding that we were indeed a foreign population racially (though they would have emphatically rejected they were hostile).

When you meet white trash, you can’t take the idea that everyone is the same seriously. The idea that the lower-class blacks aren’t even further away genetically is an absurdity.

The sleight of hand is that we are responding to “the color of their skin.” It’s not that. It’s primarily the sound and movement, but especially the sound. The tone. How primal and animalistic it is.

Jews have amazing ears. We kvetch about how un-physical we are, but our inner ear, wow.

Jeff: “The other sleight of hand is denying that groups of people can be discussed because they are not totally discrete from one another, and each group is internally diverse. Yet these same people manage quite nicely to speak about groups they dislike. Like ‘Republicans’.”

Abe: When someone starts with a “NOT EVERY…!” when you didn’t say not every, you know they are doing the Jew-liberal reflexive thing.

I would note that our whiniest and most irritating tricks did not get better once the women took communal power. The sages knew what they were doing when they denied them political power.

Even for the WASPs, it was a terrible idea. This country’s long-term, downward spiral was essentially sealed with suffrage. The first thing the women used their new-found power for was Prohibition, and decadence exploded under such attempted petticoat tyranny. That was such a woman project.

Any policy change the public needs to constantly be told to glorify and see as “progress” is a sign that it is not the natural order, and most people instinctively know that. The more terror and propaganda needed, the worse a policy change it was. Hence, questioning Civil Rights is numero uno of all thought crimes, and heretics must shamed and humiliated.

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