Is It OK For Women To Hit A Man?

In the TMZ video, I see Ray Rice’s fiance hitting him several times before he hit back. Ladies, don’t hit a guy if you don’t want to get hit back. Many women think they have a free shot to hit their man and throw things at their man but he should never hit her back. That’s not how the world works.

I’ve known several girls who hit me or threw things at me simply because they were upset. I never hit back but it wouldn’t bother me if the next guy they hit, hits them back.

I knew this nice white middle-class family. One day, the teenage girl got hysterical and for the only time, her father slapped her across the face so hard she fell down. She sobered up immediately. In this TMZ video, the fiance was out of control. She may well have a been a danger to herself and to others. He brought her under control.

Let’s say a complete stranger of this girl’s size went up to Ray Rice and started hitting him just like she did. Would he be within his rights to hit back? Many women, including this one, I suspect, goad a man into hitting them.

Short of criminal violence, there are no victims in relationships, and even with criminal domestic violence, there’s rarely an innocent party. Nicole was crazy to marry OJ. When non-blacks marry blacks, they put themselves in more danger than if they were to marry oriental. If you flip off a black guy in traffic in LA, he’s more likely to shoot you than a Jew or a Chinaman. I yell and honk at people from my car (with the windows up and the doors locked) all the time when they mess up on the roads, but I never do that to blacks.

It’s a fact of life that if you diss a young black man, if you smack him around, if you taunt him, you are playing with your life. Young black men are 23 times more likely to commit murder than the average person. If you diss a Jew, he might sue you (unless he’s Chabad, then he might hit you with a wrench).

A hot young black chick was hitting on me a while back and she asked me out and the only reason we didn’t go out was that she flaked. Later, I found out she was a single mom, lived Compton and had gangbanger friends. If I had gone out with her, I would have placed myself in greater danger than if I had gone out with a Jew or an oriental.

When you date a football player or a soldier, you are choosing someone who commits violence for a living and so they are going to be more likely to hit you. That’s part of the package.

Ray Rice has been waived by his football team and suspended indefinitely by the NFL for punching his fiance. I hate it when a proud black man is punished for doing what is normal in his culture.

In high school, I had a friend in my grade who was bigger and stronger than me. One day, I tried to provoke him into a low-level fist fight. He declined because these things spiral out of control.

As a convert to Judaism, I notice that Jews, in general, are much more reluctant than goyim to get into any kind of fisticuffs because you never know things can spiral. Orientals are just as reluctant, even more reluctant, than Jews. High IQ people generally avoid hitting others because you never know the consequences.

Women shouldn’t get drunk with scummy people if they don’t want to get raped. Women shouldn’t get drunk at frat parties if they don’t want to get raped. I have a friend who says she has been raped by various guys she agreed to get into bed with and to get naked with. She was then surprised they forced her to have sex.

When Japan attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941, the United States did not keep its response proportionate to the number of casualties they suffered. Instead, they killed millions of Japanese and didn’t stop killing them until Japan surrendered. When you hit somebody, you should not expect them to always return the blow with equal force.

This post is not about morality as much as reality. A moral man will not knock out his wife when she’s smacking him around. A moral man won’t rape the drunk naked girl in his bed who says she doesn’t want sex. But such morality can’t be taken for granted by women who act stupidly. There’s no point in being dead right. You may be right to take a particular turn in traffic but why kill yourself to prove a point? You may have the moral right to smack your man and expect that he won’t smack you back, but why risk it? And why be so sure that you have carte blanche to hit your man and to goad your man with insults to his manhood without fear of him ever hitting you back?

If you tickle a snake, he might bite you. If you poke a lion, he might eat you. If you smack a man, he might punch you.

Hannah: “Yes, Luke Ford, I have to agree with you on this… women should NEVER provoke men to anger by hitting them first!! NEVER!!! Neither side should hit; it works BOTH WAYS!! The video clearly shows that SHE LUNGED at him, so he defended himself and struck back, however he could have easily restrained her and that is what he should have done. Now, this incident is costing him dearly. It wasn’t worth it.”

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