Why Don’t Good People Want To Ride Public Transport In Los Angeles?

This story never mentions race, which is probably the biggest reason people avoid Metro. Most people don’t want to mix with people who are different from them, particularly if the different are in a lower social class, particularly if they’re black. Given the high crime rate of blacks and their penchant for destructive behavior, this is prudent. The top ten percent of blacks are as liked as the top 10% of any race, but the bottom 50% of blacks are widely loathed.

Decent people want to avoid gangbangers, lowlifes, the criminally inclined, the unhygienic, and these are characteristics of the bottom half of blacks and latinos. When you ride the subway in LA, you’ll notice that young blacks often don’t pay their fare, destroy the infrastructure, and diminish the quality of life of those around them. Professional blacks and latinos don’t want to ride Metro with the bottom 50% of their people any more than whites and asians do. My sense is that twice as many people would ride Metro if it were adequately policed.

Oregon’s public transport does not have the same problems as Metro because there are few blacks and Mexicans in Oregon.

Assimilation is largely a lie. People from Africa are going to act more like Africans than like Americans. People from Mexico are going to act more like Mexicans than like Americans. People from Somalia are going to act more like Somalis than Americans. People from Japan will act Japanese (with academic scores, high incomes, high savings, stable family lives, long lifespans) wherever they live in the world. By and large, people don’t assimilate (except in the most superficial of ways). Swedes keep acting like Swedes even when they live in Los Angeles and mestizo Mexicans keep acting like mestizo Mexicans, even when they work in Beverly Hills and have American passports.

For tens of thousands of Los Angelenos of all races, the most depressing experience of their day is riding public transportation. It wasn’t like this when America was 90% white. It isn’t like this in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and most of Australia because these countries have few black people and mestizo Mexicans. The more black people you have in your country, the more dysfunction (when measured by first world standards). The highest achieving black people, such as Barak Obama, tend to be the least black.

Why do many Jews hate this kind of frank talk about race? Because they believe that it will lead to critical talk about Jews and then another Holocaust. Why do many Jews hate talk about average IQs among the races? Because they fear it will lead to another Holocaust. Why do many Jews hate discussion of Jewish influence? Because they believe it might lead to another Holocaust. All sorts of important areas of public discussion are ruled out of bounds in the western world because our elites decree it and the dumb goyim go along.

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