I’m Singing In Avshalom Katz’s Choir On Rosh Hashanah At Beth Jacob

I’ll be doing a solo number from the bima, an acoustic hip hop Hebrew version of Quiet Riot’s "We’re Not Going To Take It Anymore."

ChaimAmalek:  This does not look like a man who is in the mood for contrition
ChaimAmalek:  I’ll wager there is nobody out there whom you have asked for forgiveness
ChaimAmalek:  Looks like he’s eating a deflated rubber ball
YourMoralLeader:  happy minyan
ChaimAmalek:  Is that the gay place?
ChaimAmalek:  Are there slutty chix there?
ChaimAmalek:  Now that’s the way to do a holiday
ChaimAmalek:  Sit in the rear and watch them sway to and fro
ChaimAmalek:  Whilst you must suffer with your evil inclinations
ChaimAmalek:  No doubt some of them will be ovulating, whilst others are on their period
ChaimAmalek:  Sounds hellish
ChaimAmalek:  Be sure to bring reading material.

Here I am leading Kol Nidre last year at Beth Jacob:

The previous year:

The Jazz Singer – I Was Honored To Lead Aish HaTorah In Kol Nidre On Yom Kippur

That’s Rabbi Cohen behind me.

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