The White Commitment To Morality

Kevin MacDonald says in this podcast about whites: “We’re committing suicide here, and we have to understand what traits of us are allowing this to happen. This is not happening in other cultures, embracing a massive inflow of people not like us, making us a minority. The main thing is an ethnic tendency is a tendency to social organizations not based on kinship. We have groups based on having a good reputation, being willing to cooperate, being considered a moral person. You can imagine in the Ice age, if you were not that way, if you were a conman, people started cooperating with you and then you ripped them off, you would be ostracized.”

“We tend to create these moral in-groups. This culture of guilt is unique to north-west Europe. Scandinavia has the most extreme political correctness. People are horrified to transgress this moral order. Multi-culturalism is seen as the highest good. It produces a terrible conformity within these moral norms. All of these [white] movements were framed in moral terms. It’s hard for white people to dissent from that… A huge emphasis on empathy and seeing other people’s suffering.”

“We have to convince people about the morality of our side.”

Growing up a WASP and then converting to Judaism, I notice that non-Jewish whites talk more than any other people about universal notions of right and wrong. It’s their default mode of arguing moral questions while Orthodox Jews talk about halacah (Jewish law) and secular Jews tend to be nearly as universality as non-Jewish whites. As for other tribes, such as blacks, Chinese, Mexicans, etc, I notice they primarily talk about what is good for their group and they have few concerns about universal morality. In my experience, Jews talk more about universal morality than other tribes.

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