Muslims & Orthodox Judaism

Marc B. Shapiro: “As far as I know there are no significant relations between the Modern Orthodox and Muslims. The Muslim community in the United States has never been forthcoming as it should be in condemning Hamas, Hizballah, and their sympathizers. It is therefore very difficult to have real relationships with mainstream Muslim organizations. It is very rare to have a Muslim speak in an Orthodox synagogue. More often it is ex-Muslims who have become Christians, including one former terrorist, who travel around and speak at Modern Orthodox synagogues.
“Some rabbis who work in Hillels have contacts with Muslim campus chaplains. Graduates of Chovevei Torah engage in meetings with other clergy during training, and that includes Muslims as well. At universities there is sometimes a bit of dialogue. One example is Rabbi Alan Brill of Seton Hall University, but this remains a rare occurrence.
“The Jewish community at large is not engaged in any significant discussions with the Muslim community. This often centers on the fact that it is very difficult to find Muslim leaders who will, without qualification and attempts at ‘understanding,’ condemn Islamic terrorism. This is unfortunate. Because of our shared ‘pure’ monotheism, Jews and Muslims should be natural dialogue partners. One hopes this is not simply a messianic dream.”

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