How many men would sell their souls for Kate Upton?

These photos can only serve to poison the real relationships that real men have with real women.

How can I return to Craigslist and Tinder and JDate and SawYouAtSinai and Frumster with images of these women in my mind? I’m the victim here.

Think how bad this must make other women feel. To say nothing of the men who cannot get women of this caliber in their lives.

There are many moral layers to untie on this story and I do not plan to rest until I have revealed all the consequences of this hacking.

I wish I had never seen Kate Upton all exposed like that. What will I say to my wife on my wedding night? Is there not enough in the Torah to keep me busy?

Chaim: This is nothing to joke about. This imagery is the modern day equivalent of a genocidal attack on men who lack such women in their lives. It means women not inseminated, children not born, Third Worlders unopposed.

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