Jewish Guilt vs White Guilt

As Steve Sailer points out, white guilt means you are too ethnocentric while Jewish guilt means you are not ethnocentric enough.

Journalist Samuel G. Freedman writes for Tabletmag about how wonderful it was that Arthur Gelb was a proud ethnocentric Jew.

Here is the headline: “Remembering Arthur Gelb, Who Helped Reconcile the ‘Times’ to Its Jewishness
While the Sulzbergers tiptoed around their ethnic identity, Gelb knew America meant Jews could have both O’Neill and egg creams”

Imagine a story praising a white guy who was proud of his white heritage and did not tiptoe around his white pride!

How come if Jews believe they are God’s Chosen People, that is wonderful, but if whites believe they are the supreme race, that is evil? Every group believes it is supreme but only whites get condemned for it in America today.

Freedman writes that Arthur Gelb “he helped to reconcile the New York Times to its Jewish identity; he helped absolve it of the tormented guilt and self-abnegation that plagued it on all matters Jewish.” Imagine such a thing written about a white guy reconciling the Los Angeles Times to its white identity.

Freedman writes: “To say that the Times is a Jewish newspaper is to state a fact…”

To say that every major newspaper and cultural institution in the United States is a product of whites and their money would also be stating a fact.

Imagine a white being praised for his ethnocentrism like this: “As far as I ever knew, Arthur had no religious feeling for Judaism, and yet he felt a soul-deep identity as a Jew. Instead of being ashamed of his past—the scrappy kid from the crummy neighborhood—he defined himself by it. His ardor for all forms of culture was consistent with a broader ideal among Jewish immigrants that music, painting, theater, and so on were as much the province of the poor as of the entitled. For that generation, art was a means of auto-emancipation. To be more specific, many of the journalists and artists whom Arthur discovered and championed had lived very similar versions of his journey; either literally or metaphorically, they were the outer-borough Jew making his or her way to the promised land of Manhattan without becoming deracinated in the process.”

Why is it bad for Jews to become deracinated but wonderful for whites to become deracinated?

“Maybe the greatest testament to what Gelb accomplished at the Times is that the battles he implicitly or explicitly fought—against inherited privilege, against Jewish self-hate, against any elitism except the elitism of artistic brilliance—seem distant now. On second thought, perhaps not entirely. Arthur Gelb may have had little use for identity politics in the left-wing meaning of the term, but by his example he showed the value and virtue of being at home within your own skin.”

Is there any praise in the MSM for whites being comfortable in their own skin and identifying as white and working in the interests of whites?

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