One of the qualities women find most attractive about me is my desperation.

I’m so desperate these days to find a woman that I am replying to spam… Or it this not spam? I got it through one of my MySpace profiles.

How’s it goin? I’m Kristy, I just moved to the Beverly Hills area and I wanna meet a nice guy around here :-). I moved here to California a couple of weeks ago for work and now that I’m here I have nobody to hang out with! I read your profile… You’re cute and I liked what you had to say :-).

I’m 24/F/single and I’m lookin for a guy who is a little bit older or more mature than me. You say you’re [41] and you’re cute so I guess you’re qualified 🙂

My friend Jen from back home suggested I tried using myspace to meet people in my area. I just signed up and my profile sux hehe. I do have a blog/profile page at … I have alot of photos and stuff up if you wanna see me.

I left you a personal msg on my homepage and I took a new pic for you today. Come check me out when you have a chance, k?

Lookin forward to seeyin ya, Kristy

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