Pico-Robertson 90035 Drama


Shlomo Walt posts: There are cops all over my street and Pico Robertson blocking my way home. Grand Theft Auto suspect. All ways blocked. Man with a gun at large in the neighborhood. Be careful!

A woman called the cops after a man entered the office above Pat’s with a gun. He ran into a house on my street.

Get the latest from this twitter account: https://twitter.com/BHScanner (with latest on top):

LIVONIA CP: K9s along 1400 Blk of Livonia and Crest (in backyards) conducting search.

LIVONIA CP: Possible 3rd K9 unit en rte (two o/s working inside perimeter). Containment extended to Crest w/ floater on Durango.

LIVONIA CP: Per dispatch, call came in of dude w/o shirt walking thru carport on Cashio.

LIVONIA CP: Making announcement on PA in moments that K9 search about to begin. LAPD Air 18 handing off to Air 10.

LIVONIA CP: More units coming to work containment. K9 o/s. Airship remains overhead. Unk if suspect is armed.

LIVONIA CP: Possible suspect in backyard on 1400 Blk Crest Dr (per housekeeper).

…(worse then usual for this hour) between Robertson & Beverly Dr, Pico & Airdrome. Avoid area.

LIVONIA CP: It’s a waiting game. Unless dude comes out and give up, K9 will have to sniff him out. Traffic is baaad…….

LIVONIA CP: K9 en rte from academy. GTA was at Crest & Pickford. Containment: Livonia from Pico 2 Cashio & Alcott from Robertson to Livonia

LIVONIA CP: Suspect wanted for GTA. Airship has containment set. Waiting for K-9 to flush dude out.

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