The Courtesy Of The Japanese

Japan has about the highest average IQ of any nation (105) and its citizens tend to be much more courteous than the citizens of countries with low average IQs. Courtesy correlates with IQ. Americans with higher IQ tend to be much more courteous and better citizens than those with low IQs. Just look at how the citizens of Beverly Hills maintain their neighborhood as opposed to Compton.

Report: NATAL, Brazil – Japan’s fans are among the world’s most spirited during a match – and polite after it.

For the straight second match, fans of the Blue Samurai shrugged off disappointment and cleaned up after themselves inside the stadium following the final whistle. It’s a class act that has its roots in Japan’s values of being respectful of hosts and protecting the environment.

The spectacle of fans bagging trash after the Ivory Coast match in Recife appears to have created a contagious effect among the Japanese here in Brazil. After witnessing such scenes, Junichi Onoda, 33, said he was inspired to take part in the garbage collecting ritual in Natal.

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