Where I Disagree With The American Freedom Party

The foundation of my worldview is Torah. Torah says that Israel should be a Jewish state governed by Torah law and that non-Jews in that holy land are second-class citizens.

I’m down with that Torah perspective. It fits in with nationalism, which I see as the political ideology that most closely fits with the genetic facts on the ground that people, in general, prefer those who are genetically similar to them.

I look at the world and I see that the most homogeneous white and asian countries have the most social capital. When Japan has an earthquake, for instance, there’s no looting. When the Japanese protest nuclear power, they don’t commit massive property crimes. I view that level of social capital as a model for a good society. We don’t need more LA Riots.

I love the way Israel has been governed over the past 20 years, as the state has become increasingly nationalistic and concerned with the well-being of its Jewish majority population. I see that as an example for how to create a good country. Israel doesn’t want non-Jews moving there and Japan doesn’t want non-Japanese moving there and Mexico doesn’t want Central Americans moving there and to me all of these positions represent political sanity.

So just as I want Israel to be a Jewish state (and frankly, I’d be glad if its Arabs left) and I want Japan to be a Japanese state with very few non-Japanese allowed in and I want Mexico to be a fiercely Mexican state, so too I want the United States of America to have a strong distinct identity. So just as I want Israel and Japan to have populations of over 95% of their majority population, so too I would like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England, and the United States to have a dominant majority population.

From what I understand, the American Freedom Party wants to deport from America all non-whites and all Jews. I don’t believe America needs to deport anyone here legally. We just need a government that governs according to law and doesn’t lower standards for sacred minorities.

America has historically been an 80-90% white country (until the 1986 Immigration Act). England has historically been a 99% white country. Australia was a 99% white country until the 1960s. None of these countries suffered from their homogeneity.

I don’t want anything for whites that I don’t want for other peoples. I want Mexico to retain its Mexican heritage and its historic population just as I want the same thing for all countries, including Japan, Israel, Britain, etc. That is true diversity. Let each people develop its heritage without unwanted interference from outsiders.

I am sure that most people will call my views “white supremacist.” That’s a slur. It’s like calling somebody a fag. Whites are supreme at what? I can name ten things where blacks are supreme (rhetoric, improvisation, socializing, certain forms of pop culture and athletics, song, dance, etc) and about 20 qualities where Orientals are supreme (IQ scores, test scores, credit scores, low rates of criminal behavior, family stability, etc). I want all peoples, whether white, black, brown and yellow, to develop their cultures without unwanted interference from outsiders. Let everybody have complete freedom of association. Together we make up the complete image of God.

Black, brown and yellow people are just as precious to God as white people. No race is superior at everything. We all have a role to play in the divine plan. We can learn from the superior qualities of each race and culture.

You can rightly point out that many of the supporters of the American Freedom Party are distasteful skinheads, Holocaust deniers and the like. That’s true. Many of these people give me the willies. Yet I have to be rational. People fighting for revolutionary causes have often had to take succor from unappealing sources. Nelson Mandela and the African National Congress got most of their support for decades from communists and yet the West had no problem eventually backing the ANC and Nelson Mandela. When you have few friends in the world, and that is the state of those who wish for white people to organize in their group interest just like all other groups do, then you can’t be too choosy.

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