A Little Bit Of Monica In Luke’s Life?

Chaim Amalek emails:

Was the unseen Monica in your hovel the other day THE Monica of Levinas fame? And if so, how did you pull this off? What’s she like? Will you save her from the demographic doom that has befallen so many of her somewhat older sisters and aunts as they spent the best, most fertile years of their lives in service to their intellectual pursuits when they ought to have been procreating? (Speaking of which, a great date movie for this purpose is "Idiocracy" by Mike Judge.)

How many Jewish temples are within walking distance of your hovel? How many of those are to your taste, theologically speaking, and of those, how many have you been barred from?

Thirty. Five. Theology does not matter to me. Keeping women on their side of the mehitza does. As long as they are all covered up, I am happy being snug with my mates and with my God. Word!

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