Hillel Aron: Yes, I Text and Drive. No, I’m Not Sorry.

I’m not surprised that the person who took about the most unpopular public stand imaginable has a very Jewish name. Rebellion is what (a minority of famous) Jews do. We challenge the goyim. We don’t automatically accept their dictates. Jews are verbally and emotionally aggressive. We often win through intensity. We tend to put a higher premium on social and economic success than do the goyim. Our loyalties are often tribal. Judaism is a religion of laws and Jews excel at finessing law.

Most goyim would be way too afraid to write something like this. They’d be ashamed. Most Jews would be afraid to publish something like this too, but of those tiny percentage of people unafraid to go public in this way, I suspect that a high percentage of them would be Jews. Few Jews are radical, but many radicals are Jews (Ernest van den Haag).

When I was changing the station on my car radio in September of 1985, I ran into a parked school bus at about 20 mph, striking my head on my steering wheel (I had on a seatbelt that did not break, so that cushioned me) and getting about 30 stitches to pull together the skin between my eyes, the whole incident did who knows how much damage to my prefontal cortex with untold ramifications for my life (at least that’s the excuse I’m using next time I’m hauled into court). Sometimes I feel like Phineas Gage.

When I’m in the car with a distracted driver changing tunes on his ipod, I get nervous and plead with him to watch the road. He doesn’t. I hate people who text and drive. I hate careless drivers.

Jim Romenesko: I asked Aron what he’s hearing from emailers and phone-callers. He replied:

Very negative reaction. People on twitter hoping I die in a fiery car wreck. I’ve seen some blog posts by bicycle activists condemning me. No emails or phone calls.

I’ve been thinking a lot about it. I guess I’ve been convinced that I’m wrong. It’s strange how when one side feels really strongly about something, it makes their argument more convincing. I’m not sure that’s how it should be, but that’s how it is.

When I was driving home from work yesterday I called a friend and he texted me back. I texted him back – at a red light, and then immediately felt guilty! So I guess if I had to rewrite the piece today, the headline would be: Yes I text when I drive, yes I feel guilty.

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