Stephen Steinlight Is Our 21st Century Yochanan Ben Zakkai

Wikipedia says: “The First Jewish–Roman War (66–73 CE)… was the first of three major rebellions by the Jews of Judea Province (Iudaea) against the Roman Empire. The second was the Kitos War in 115–117, and the third was Bar Kokhba’s revolt of 132–135.”

The Jews lost all three of these suicidal revolts against the Roman empire, but one great thing came out of the first revolt. According to Jewish legend, as narrated by Wikipedia:

During the siege of Jerusalem in the Great Jewish Revolt, he argued in favour of peace; according to the Talmud, when he found the anger of the besieged populace to be intolerable, he arranged a secret escape from the city inside a coffin, so that he could negotiate with Vespasian (who, at this time, was still just a military commander).[6][7] Yochanan correctly predicted that Vespasian would become Emperor, and that the temple would soon be destroyed; in return, Vespasian granted Yochanan three wishes: the salvation of Yavne and its sages, the descendants of Rabban Gamliel, who was of the Davidic dynasty, and a physician to treat Rabbi Tzadok, who had fasted for 40 years to stave off the destruction of Jerusalem.[8]

Upon the destruction of Jerusalem, Jochanan converted his school at Yavne into the Jewish religious centre, insisting that certain privileges, given by Jewish law uniquely to Jerusalem, should be transferred to Yavne.[9] His school functioned as a re-establishment of the Sanhedrin, so that Judaism could decide how to deal with the loss of the sacrificial altars of the temple in Jerusalem, and other pertinent questions. Referring to a passage in the Book of Hosea, “I desired mercy, and not sacrifice”,[10] he helped persuade the council to replace animal sacrifice with prayer,[11] a practice that continues in today’s worship services; eventually Rabbinic Judaism emerged from the council’s conclusions.

Chaim Amalek says about American Jews: “We have one big thing going for us that the Jews in Weimar Germany did not. The German Jews were up against a nation that was 100% white, and with it, the possibilities of cohesive action that only racial uniformity permit. But in this country at this time the whites are what, 55% and declining? It is like gunpowder. 100% pure is a problem and difficult for Yidden to handle. But when we dilute it 40% with impurities, it is safe for us to handle and we can sell it to others.”

If the goyim ever wake up from their slumber and begin to resent the Jewish influence that has weakened their racial, religious and national ties (according to MacDonald), then they might get angry at Jews and launch another Holocaust. Somebody such as Stephen Steinlight could say to them, I understand your pain. There’s been too much third world immigration. Jews have to stop supporting more immigration.

Steinlight is way smarter and way wiser than any other Jew in power in America (so smart that William Pierce did a speech about Steinlight) and organized Jewry has essentially put him in cherem.

Steinlight tried to point out the dangers of immigration in a kosher way. He triangulated the immigration issue. On the one hand, he said the nativists were terrible, a bunch of racists and racism is horrible. On the other hand, we have to cut back on immigration.

Steinlight and Kevin MacDonald have argued passionately. Steinlight sees MacDonald as someone who doesn’t like Jews and he won’t go past that. Most Jews won’t truck with anyone who dislikes Jews and interferes with Jewish interests.

The hardline white nationlists hate Stephen Steinlight because they fear that he could prevent meltdown and that he could broker some kind of deal between the Jews and the goyim. If Steinlight’s ilk directed Jewish influence and power, then the greater society (as well as the Jews) would be better off and there would be less chance of a genocidal convulsion.

Moderate white nationalists such as VDARE and Jared Taylor and the American Renaissance crowd would rather not go hardcore and genocidal to create a white America. They’d rather make deals with Stephen Steinlights. Smart Jews would give Jared Taylor and Peter Brimelow and Steve Sailer and the paleoconservatives (Paul Gottfried etc) everything they want including freedom of association (freedom to live among your own and to employ your own with as much discrimination as you wish, the establishment of white-only enclaves if that’s what they want, white businesses, cities, etc). If the goyim want to have Christmas trees up in public spaces, let them have their Christmas trees up.

Hardline white nationalists want a breakdown of society and the establishment of a white country, with all the Jews dead and all the non-whites expelled or dead. The analogy in Jewish life is that the main threat to Chareidi Judaism is Modern Orthodoxy. Reform and Conservative Judaism are no threat because they don’t perpetuate themselves. They’re dying out. They don’t work.

Another way to save the Jews is to keep them within the Torah Corral. That way their superior intelligence, cohesion and drive will be less damaging to the less intelligent goyim of creation.

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