Is Jewish Blogging Still Relevant?

Blogging is relevant to anyone who’s affected by a blog. I’ve never run into anyone I’ve written about and he did not know what I had written and hadn’t formed an opinion as to whether or not I was friend or foe.

For anyone who says blogs are irrelevant, just wait until one reveals damaging information about you and then you will suddenly discover their relevance. A single blog post can ruin your whole day.

Philo D’Alexandria posts to FB:

I’m moderating a discussion group at Limmud NY this weekend entitled: “Do Blogs Still Matter? The Changing Landscape of the J-Blogosphere”

Translation = I wanted to discuss JBlogging at Limmud and no one else was doing a session. I’m going to discuss my own personal journey through the blogosphere, impact of blogs, the different type of blogs, has all the good discussion moved to Facebook & Twitter, etc, etc.

All you bloggers and blogger types out there – I’d very much appreciate your input. What do you think I should add? What points should I make? If you want to send me some thoughts that you’d like me to share with the group, please do so. Thanks!

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