What’s The Best Harry Potter Vibrating Wand?

This sounds like a good one. A very happy customer writes: “So I bought one for my daughter at xmas and all I ever hear is moans and squeals of delight coming from her room. She’s had all her friends from high school over and they just play with that broom for hours, which is great for me as a parent because I don’t have to worry about them going out with boys and the boys trying to get them drunk etc, you know like I did to my wife when we were in high school. I never knew my girl was into Harry Potter but we’ve gone through so many batteries that we switched to rechargeables. All the girls do is ride around the house on their brooms and up in the attic all day, it’s great! No fast food lunches or movie tickets to buy etc. My wife went up in the attic once to see what was going on and then she wanted one too! Well I got her one and when she’s home she’s riding it all the time – I think it looks a bit silly, and I once caught her riding around on one with the mail-woman when I came home early from work. No wonder the Postal Service is going broke.”

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