Asians Don’t Like To Go To Court

I’ve been talking to personal injury lawyers and they tell me that Orientals (people of Japanese, Chinese or Korean ancestry) are usually the first ones back to work after an accident. They like to work. They don’t like to sue. They don’t like to go to court. They don’t like to be called as witnesses or defendants.

I attribute this to the Oriental sense of caution which you see on the roadway all the time. Asians tend to drive more slowly and carefully. They get arrested for violence at one-quarter the rate of whites.

Going to court and getting in a lawsuit is dangerous. You never know how it can blow up on you.

About 10-20% of whites, John Derbyshire notes, are shifty, irresponsible and prone to criminal behavior. For Orientals, I’d say that rate is below 10%.

When was the last time you feared for your life walking through a Japanese neighborhood? When was the last time you were mugged by a Jap or a Korean?

In his book Race, Evolution and Behavior, psychologist J. Philippe Rushton notes that Orientals have bigger brains than whites, higher IQs, more social and economic achievement, more intricate social structures, less criminal behavior and fewer STDs and out of wedlock births.

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