Book Review: Desmond Ford: Reformist Theologian, Gospel Revivalist

I look around the Web and it is hard to find anyone hatin’ on my dad these days.

Steve Parker writes:

Milton Hook has written the first full biography of Desmond Ford – and it is a great read! It provides some timely insight into the man, his message, and the denomination he served for so many years.

Hook writes passionately about his subject and disclaims any idea that history can be written absolutely objectively. Despite that, Desmond Ford is superbly documented with detailed endnotes. And for those of us who know some of the history it resonates as truth. As Hook points out in his introduction to the reader, many of the people he refers to as he tells Ford’s story intersected with Hook’s own life giving him a direct perspective on the events. But the primary source for the story comes from Des Ford himself.

I can remember, as a young boy, sitting in my country church listening to a much younger Des Ford answering question after question on the Bible. I was impressed with the breadth and depth of his knowledge and the passion with which he spoke.

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