Not So Bright

I’ve gone much of my life competing against people much smarter than I. I can just sense that I’m not as sharp. School was rarely easy for me. I usually had to slog to get As. Whatever success I’ve ever had has not been easy but the result of great effort.

I started taking an IQ test online (the classic IQ test on today and gave up. It was too hard. It made my stomach hurt. I have to make peace with being 118-128 (from about ten years ago). Cathy Seipp didn’t believe that I scored that low. Her IQ was about 150, but she said it was in poor taste to reveal such things. Whatever abilities I have in the verbal area are partly inherited but are mainly, I think, a result of my father (whose IQ is about 160) inculcating in me early a love of reading.

* On Jan. 16, 2014, Dennis Prager said: “This is the most important
thing politically happening in the United States. The attempt is to
silence conservative opposition in this country and I have a sense that talk radio is next.”
“This silencing of conservative opposition by rather nefarious means, by ruining their reputations, by having mass campaigns against any advertiser…”

Dan Henninger wrote:

The Christie bonfire has burned for a week. In that same week, The Wall Street Journal reported that the FBI found nothing in the IRS’s targeting of conservative political groups that warrants criminal charges.

This conclusion struck lawyers Jay Sekulow and Cleta Mitchell as fairly amazing. Both represent conservative groups targeted by the IRS, and they say the FBI only recently got in touch with a few of their clients.

Thus, two of the most powerful public institutions in the U.S.—the FBI and the IRS—have concluded no harm, no foul, and the memory hole swallows the Obama administration’s successful kneecapping of the GOP’s most active members just as they prepared to participate in the 2012 presidential campaign. Many—ruined or terrified by the IRS probes—shut down. Mr. Obama won.

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