The Bipolar Orthodox Rabbi At The Center Of The World

As he broadcasts overlooking the kotel, he wraps himself in the authority of Orthodox Judaism, but his private life is anything but modest.

He specializes in counseling and seducing suicidal married women. When the affair comes to an end and they’ve recaptured their will to live, they return to their husbands and won’t say anything.

Women hear him online and at live lectures and they flock to him with their problems. And using his secular education and the wisdom of the Jewish tradition, he counsels them.

Married multiple times, he sometimes passes out in front of his computer from xanax.

He drugs his women with xanax and ambien and hypnotizes them with his NLP skills. He tells them he will love them forever and will always be there for them. He knows how to take someone’s anxiety in to his hands. And then he convinces them to learn to scuba dive and to go on trips with him but the relationship always has to be secret. He’s a public figure and he can’t be caught in a scandal and he doesn’t want you to get hurt either.

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