None of the churches I grew up in offered screenwriting classes. I went to an Orthodox shul tonight to take a class from a bloke with real credits. A husband and wife performed one of his scenes. The rabbi walked in.
Man: “Rabbi, I didn’t say the four-letter word.”
Rabbi: “Tora?”

That’s what I love about Judaism, you can find everything good and exciting in it. If you get sick of God and religion, you can still go to shul to socialize or to take in lectures or to enjoy food or art or music or military or literature and still not leave the Jewish realm. Everything good is contained within. You can watch Woody Allen movies or listen to Leonard Bernstein or watch videos of Israeli war victories or study Hebrew or Arabic or Yiddish or German and it all touches on Judaism. Whatever your kick, you can read books about its connection to the Jews, be it sex or comedy or sports or television or politics or feminism or socialism or capitalism. I never get bored with my Jewish kicks, and Orthodox Judaism, to me, is the most fascinating thing of all.

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