My Magical Movie Dream

I just had this magical dream, it was like a movie. Along with friends and family, I travel to a remote snowy mountain in Canada where we have a cabin. As soon as we get there, I plug in my laptop and online. We have high speed internet access. I’m checking out my buddy Rick’s Facebook update with video of the humble cabin where he’s staying with his family. It’s Christmas. And by focusing on his update, I am transported to his cabin, which is poor and on the nasty side of the mountain. After chatting with Rick and his family, celebrating the joy of Christmas, I trudge back to civilization and run into my sister and rest up in her warm car. She offers me a ride back to our cabin but I say I’ll walk.

Then I get out to walk 10 miles back to our cabin. I meet a nice girl on the way. We talk. We make love in the snow. She gives me a ride back to my cabin. All my friends and family are there. We’re negotiating the rights with a studio representative to the movie being simultaneously filmed of this weekend and we get the deal. And then the final song, a swelling soundtrack, breaks out, it is to the tune of “Love Hurts” but the lyrics say, “Love shines”, and my new girlfriend and I walk out of the cabin, I have my network deal, and we get into her car and we drive home off the mountain as the credits roll and then I wake up an unholy mess but with deep joy in my soul.

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