Are Jews In America Underdogs?

Are Jews better off for having so many groups like the ADL and the Museum of Tolerance and for dominating Hollywood and the MSM to the point we can deter any criticism of ourselves as a group (and our tendencies as intellectuals) and destroy anyone who points out our influence (aka remarks about the Jewish lobby or the Israel lobby)? Example: Rick Sanchez getting fired by CNN for calling Jon Stewart a bigot.

Perhaps Steve Sailer is right and it is time we stop thinking of ourselves as the underdogs and start thinking about the noblesse oblige that comes with being the big dogs? Perhaps we need to emphasize being good citizens of benevolent host countries such as America, honesty in business, paying our taxes?

Jews are great at law. We are a religion of laws. We make great lawyers. We’re great at maneuvering around legal systems and working the system, aka the Museum of Tolerance pulling in those millions of dollars of public funds and the Hasidim in New York living off welfare and the haredim in Israel living off the dole.

Israel has the largest and most powerful military in the Middle East. Is Israel still the underdog?

Steve Sailer wrote:

What adds interest to this was that subprime billionaire Roland Arnall, whom Bush had appointed Ambassador to the Netherlands for raising $12 million for him, who was the biggest donor to Arnold Schwarzenegger and, before him, Gray Davis, who co-founded the Simon Wiesenthal Center and the brow-beating Museum of Tolerance, was the founder of a couple of the biggest and worst subprime boiler rooms, Ameriquest and Argent. Previously, he had founded the notorious Long Beach Mortgage, which Washington Mutual bought.

In 2006, Arnall paid a $325 million fine to settle a lawsuit brought by 49 state attorneys general. Yet, Congress approved his nomination as ambassador. (Overall, states performed somewhat better in regulating subprime than feds, who mostly egged them on. The states were operating, on average, under older laws, while the feds were operating mostly under the U. of Chicago-style consensus that emerged over the last generation or so.) Here’s Arnall’s obituary by E. Scott Reckard of the L.A. Times, who covered subprime in real time better than anyone else. Roland invented the “stated income loan,” which did so much to help people realize the American Dream.

His widow Dawn is being sued by his brother for $47.6 million. The brother claims that Roland claimed he was strapped for cash because of the $325 million fine.

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