Do I Still Have My Blog?

Last week, a friend asked me via FB: “Are you still doing your blog? Why if yes?”

I replied: “You can always check my FB updates to see and why I do it.”

I was annoyed. I felt like asking him, “Are you still married? Why if yes?”

As important as his marriage and family was to him, my blog is to me. Why do I blog? Because I think spreading truth is more important than spreading lies.

I followed up with my friend in person. He said, “You’ll never get married as long as you have your blog. Would you still blog if you realized you could never marry because of it?”

Luke: “No. But I don’t think my blog is the primary thing blocking me from getting married. My primary problem is not that I am weird, but that I am weird and poor. If I were weird and rich, I’d be able to marry.”

Friend: “Why not blog under a psuedonym?”

Luke: “Because it is not honorable. I want to walk down Pico Blvd and go to shul and take full responsibility for everything I write.”

Friend: “Well, at least turn your blog into Child Predator Central. Everyone will love you for that.”

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