Why Do Tongans Struggle With Poverty When They’re So Wonderful And Generous?

That’s the article in the Los Angeles Times.

I Googled Tongans and found out that the average IQ is 87, which might explain the poverty. Or it might not. I don’t know how important IQ is for success. Perhaps it is culturally induced?

I’m not a psycho-metrician, so I don’t claim any expertise in the subject of IQ. I talk about it of late because it’s the factor that seems to more clearly explain life than anything else I’ve learned. Why are Scandinavians and Jews and Chinese and Japanese so successful both in their home countries and when they come to the USA while Mexicans and Central Americans (outside of their European elite) generally have impoverished home countries and produce similarly poor communities when they come to the USA, even to the fourth generation American?

It doesn’t bother me in the least to belong to a race (white) that has inferior IQs and credit scores and school scores when compared to east Asians. I feel no sense of inferiority because of this and so I don’t see why anyone else should get worked up over their group not scoring so hot on IQ tests, scholastic tests, credit scores, wealth creation, etc.

The Tongans apparently have great fishing skills, but the US does not need that, so why are we importing so many Tongans?

The LAT says: “And though many sought a better education, Tongans often landed in areas with struggling schools. Outside a church, 20-year-old Oli Saafi bemoaned stereotypes of Tongan Angelenos — gangs, getting knocked up, or putting sports over studying.”

I guess that’s the problem — inferior schools (aka inadequate government spending) and nasty stereotypes.

I was born in 1966 and when I went to school, IQ testing was frowned upon. As long as I’ve been alive, it’s never been a polite subject for conversation. Best to keep quiet about this matter and act mystified about consistent testing results, credit scores, crime rates, wealth and poverty, etc.

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