The Orthodox Paradox

Harvard law professor Noah Feldman retains some Orthodox friends and some Orthodox feelings for Orthodox Judaism but he’s deeply hurt that his former Orthodox school won’t publish notices about him in their alumni newsletter since he married a non-Jew.

For Feldman, this is paradox. How could someone such as himself who was raised Orthodox and retains some sentimental attachment to the faith not receive honor from Boston’s Maimonidies day school.

I don’t see a paradox. Every group has rules and Noah chose to break a big one and to throw it in people’s faces.

I don’t exactly know what people find so fascinating in this New York Times Sunay Magazine article. What I got out of it is that Feldman’s a narcissist who wants to do what he wants and pay no price for his choices. End of story.’s Joey Kurtzman plans to interview Noah Feldman and he asked for suggested questions. I emailed in these two:

Given that you married a Gentile, how exactly do you expect the Orthodox and their institutions to treat you?

Why do you bother to take your children to shul as they are not Jewish?

Naomi emails: "AH AH! Not funny. Sad? yes. Moving? absolutely but not funny… Perhaps he is trying real hard to connect the two (children and Yiddishkaiet) despite his wife’s religion. Can you blame him? Sometimes I feel real Reform.They are handling this much better then us and don’t break up families by forcing the mate and the kids out."

Chaim Amalek emails:

While I’m all in favor of hybrid vigor, this recent tendency of Jewish men to marry Asian women has me troubled. Don’t we have enough women with black hair who are good at math and counting pennies? We should instead be encouraging the descendants of inbred ghetto culture to be marrying people with the sorts of traits we lack but need. I’ve recently been encouraging my Jewish female friends to get themselves impregnated by strapping Irish firemen named Shamus and of course we Jewish men pine for tall, athletic Valkyrie-like natural blondes who are the daughters of Ivy-league professors.


Luke, with your goyishe genes, I’m surprised that a number of Jewish women haven’t already tapped into your gametes for the sake of the race. Or have they?

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