Men Want One-Stop Shopping

Relationship expert ( Alison Armstrong was on Dennis Prager’s radio show today. “Men want to be devoted to his mate and give her everything she desires. But his mate has to provide him with what he needs – admiration, nurturing, attention, validation, among other things.”

Alison: “Men are naturally devoted to one woman. It’s how they’re made. It’s how their brain works. It’s how they evaluate their expenditure of energy — to be devoted to one person.”

“It’s way more efficient to go to Walmart and get everything you need rather than to drive around to six different places. Men are efficient in that way.”

“You choose the one and then it is a matter of energy expenditure. It works better for the single-focused brain, which is created by testosterone, to have that one-stop shopping.”

“There’s a logical reason for a man to go to two places when he could go to just one place — when that one place stops stocking what he needs. We make our men shop elsewhere by being clueless to what he needs.”

“Women, do not create a conflict between what a man has to have and his integrity… When he finally breaks and goes to another source, his honor will have him be ashamed of it but it can stop him from doing it for only so long.”

“There are men who need variety and they will tell women right off that they need to shop around town… Women who’ve decided he’s the one, ignores that.”

Dennis: “Men ache to be devoted to one woman.”

Alison: “The testosterone creates single focus, that includes a single place to get what you need.”

“The masculine way of thinking is like a container so what you put in it, stays in it longer. If you did a good job of appreciating a man, that appreciation could last him for months. A woman’s brain is more like a sieve. We just leak. It’s diffuse awareness. It’s how come we can maintain connections. We need you to tell us we’re beautiful every day. We’re not a container that holds it.

“I don’t think women are naturally devoted. When a man commits himself to a woman, he buys the whole package. That’s just how she is.”

“A woman doesn’t do that. A woman commits one acceptance at a time. She doesn’t just buy the whole package. It’s one individual choice at a time. OK, he leaves his socks on the floor, I can live with that. He’s a motorcycle rider, I can live with that.”

“We have so many sources to meet our needs… All the attention. All the listening. We need to build a village for ourselves… We don’t see how devoted men are.”

“One woman can provide so much variety if she is just willing to play. That’s what dress-up, role-playing, hotel sex is all about.”

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