Anthrax Killer Or Innocent Man?


ERS News can report exclusively that Bruce Ivins did not mail any letters on Oct 9th, 2001 from Princeton, New Jersey.  ERS has also learned that Bruce Ivins did have specific “timeframe windows of opportunity” to do so on September 17th and 18th and Oct 6th, 7th and 8th 2001. 

The Enterprise Report has exclusively obtained highly detailed government documents, which recorded many of Ivins movements and whereabouts on the dates in question.  The Enterprise Report can also reveal that Ivin’s  “window of opportunity” to have driven to Princeton New Jersey can be narrowed down to five (5) specific instances where Ivins had the “opportunity” to do so.  The FBI to date has provided no evidence that Ivins in fact did drive to Princeton, New Jersey and was the person who placed the letters in a mailbox on a busy Princeton street.  ERS News sought comment from Ivin’s Maryland based Attorney’s Paul Kemp and Thomas Degonia, but so far has received no response regarding the details ERS News has uncovered concerning Ivin’s whereabouts on the dates and times in question.

The Dept of Justice, FBI and US Postal Inspection Service have all said Ivins is the anthrax killer.  Ivins, now deceased, was a longtime US Army microbiologist. 
According to the FBI, the case is solved.  The FBI believes Bruce Ivins is a cold-blooded killer and was preparing to charge him with the crimes when he committed suicide.

Others in the media have reported that the authorities believe sometime on September 17th Ivins drove from the Fort Deterick, Maryland area to Princeton New Jersey and placed anthrax filled envelopes in a mailbox on a busy street. According to the FBI, sometime between Oct 6th and Oct 9th he did the same again.  Although, the FBI has to date provided no hard evidence he did so, that is what they have told the American public.  The FBI claims “circumstantial evidence” shows Ivins mailed the letters.  Although the FBI has claimed its case against Ivin is solid, the investigation, despite media reports to the contrary, remains open according to Justice Dept spokesman Dean Boyd who confirmed that to ERSNews this week.  The case is still actively being investigated, according to other media reports.

Nearly a month after holding a press conference to proclaim Bruce Ivins the anthrax killer and the release of limited information about the case, FBI Director Robert Mueller will be before House and Senate Committees today and tomorrow (Sept. 16th and 17th, 2008). Lawmakers, many of whom remain highly skeptical of the FBI’s case against Bruce Ivins, will grill FBI Director Mueller about the FBI’s “Amerithax” 7-year long investigation.  We’ll just have to wait and see if the FBI case against Bruce Ivins gets stronger or weaker in the days to come.

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