What Are My Limiting Beliefs?

I need to track these, write them out, and challenge them.

Here are things I notice flitting through my brain:

* No quality woman will go for me while I’m deeply in debt.
* I’ll never a home.
* That the second half of my life will be as lonely as the first.
* It’s too much hassle to get a good job.
* That woman has her bitch shield on, it’s no use approaching her.

Where do I not value myself? Where am I limiting my life? Where in my career, work, income, friends and love life am I holding myself down?

What things am I taking personally that I don’t need to take personally. Neil Strauss says, “You are going to blow it if you take it personally.” I hold on to my rejections. I take them personally. “All I can be is the coolest guy, show her the most value. Be the high value guy,” says Neil Strauss. “Don’t make the relationship the focus of the relationship. Don’t be outcome dependent.”

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