Professor Yitzhak Kerem Denied Entrance To Only Orthodox Shul In Central Berlin

Yitzhak Kerem emails: On Friday April 5, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. I was denied entrance to the only Orthodox synagogue in central Berlin called Adass Yisroel (TUCHOLSKYSTRASS 40, BERLIN MITTE 10117, TEL: 49 30 28 13 135 fax: 49 30 28 13 122) . I was told in perfect Hebrew by the Gabbai Bruno Offenberg (apparently the corrupt swindler who sequestered the synagogue legally) that he can do nothing for me. Only elderly Russian Jews were allowed to enter. Also a confused Jewish male tourist form Britain was allowed to enter. I was told by the German police guards that I had to leave. Bruno didn’t want to hear anything I said. I had written by e-mail numerous times to the synagogue to say I was coming and was answered in writing by someone named Levi. From what I learned afterward is that Bruno wants no one to enter so no one will uncover his devious heinous deeds. The Jewish community claims no responsibility and the adjacent restaurant has no communal kashrut certification. Former community presdient Andreas Nehama told me Bruno is problematic and no one can stop him. I understand that the Hildesheimer family sued him unsuccessfully for seizing the property. I also learned from an Israeli woman who is Tzipi Livni’s first cousin that Bruno receives a salary from the Berlin Senate. So what do we have here? – a corrupt Jew paid by the Berlin Senate and protected by official German police (maybe sons or grandsons of German Wehrmacht or SS) stationed there to deny Jews entrance. My grandfather Charles Weingarten left Berlin in the 1920s.
what a disgrace? Anyone want to help me protest or spread the word?

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