More Questions About Rabbi Michael J. Broyde

I’ve long had suspicions about Rabbi Broyde because his legal rulings seemed much more liberal than the sources would dictate. They seemed dictated by a left-wing agenda rather than honesty to Jewish text. There seemed to be some funny business going on. Why would he write an article saying it was not necessary for married Jewish women to cover their hair? That’s clearly the Jewish ideal. Why would Rabbi Broyde write so many articles with a partner? When that happens, it usually means one person is doing the work and the other one is going along for the credit.

Blog post: I have another example of Rabbi Broyde’s apparent fabrication of halachic proof. A couple of years ago, Rabbi Broyde was in London, UK, and gave a shiur to a coneference of Jewish doctors. In the course of his lecture, he referred to a letter from the Lubavitcher rebbe which permitted prospective medical students to take entrance exams on Shabbat. My husband thought that this was an unusual position for the Lubavitcher Rebbe to take, and contacted his own Rav, the Lubavitcher Chassid and talmid chacham Rabbi Chaim Rapoport, shlita. Rabbi Rapoport was also puzzled by this; he said that he had never heard of such a psak from the Rebbe, and that he does not think that the Lubavitcher Rebbe would have said such a thing, for a number reasons. My husband then emailed Rabbi Broyde, asking where he could find the source the Rabbi Broyde had refered to. Rabbi Broyde’s response was “I do not think it has been published.”. My husband felt that this was an unsatisfactory answer, and emailed him again to ask “If not, where can I find reference to it to look into it further?”. He received no further reply.

At the time, my husband thought that this seemed strange. If a letter has not been published, then how can Rabbi Broyde know of it to refer to it? And the psak in this letter contradicts the huge amount that is documented already about the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s stance in this regard. In light of the discovery that Rabbi Broyde has fabricated other material, which was not halachically sensitive, his reliability in presenting ‘new’ halachic proofs is also affected.

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