Tamara Shayne Kagel Update

I interviewed the Jewish Journal columnist here.

On his radio show Thursday, Dennis Prager said: “My most touching, no, the most dramatic example of this was the Jewish woman I had on the show because I write a column for the Jewish Journal of Los Angeles and this woman was writing at the time a column, an attractive 28 year old I think she was, she wrote about her nightmare because I had her on the show after her article, and she wrote that my nightmare has been fulfilled, I’m in love with a Republican. It was very honest of her. She said I was taught to regard Republicans as heartless and I meet this man and he’s kind and loving and sweet and a Republican. It shattered my whole liberal upbringing. She’s still a liberal by the way. I just sent her an email a year later — how are things going? She’s still dating. They’re still seriously involved. She hasn’t moved politically. He hasn’t moved religiously. She says, if we have children, they’ll be both Democrats and Republicans. That means they’ll be Republicans. I don’t want to hurt her but as soon as there is any chink in the liberal armor, it means it’s over… But she was very disturbed and I loved her for her honesty.”

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