What I’m Learning From My Solo Show Class

It’s when I see my classmate Michael Kass perform that I realize what a one-man play is. I feel kinship with what he talks about. When he performs, I see what a performance looks like, what a solo show looks like. When I hear myself get up, I hear a lecture. There’s such a dramatic difference between a play and a speech. It’s like I get up and read a song while Michael stands up and sings a song. It’s not scary to read a song, but to embody a song, that’s scary. I hear Michael launching into song.

I need to take that leap into being the character, not discoursing on the character.

The turning point in my story is when I realize that I can’t get to where I want to go by applying my will power. My will was corrupt. I needed to turn my life over to God. I had to accept my crippling emotional addictions and to seek help for them.

I’m thrown by the connection thing. I thought I was connecting and I wasn’t.

Teacher: “Just go deeper.”

So connection means going deeper. Not getting stuck in your head.

Teacher: “The actor has to know who he is talking to.”

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