Orit Arfa Fired From Zionists Of America

Steve Goldberg emails: Dear Friend and Supporter of ZOA:

If you have not already heard, I am sorry to inform you that Ms. Orit Arfa, our outstanding Executive Director of ZOA’s Western Region, was fired on Monday, November 19, 2012. I was not informed in advance of this decision, and I very much object to it. I am convinced it is not in the best interests of the ZOA to lose Orit, who was exceptionally talented, hard-working, dedicated and ethical. Because of the legal ramifications of the decision to fire Orit, however, I will not discuss any further details at this time, and instead will leave such discussion for another forum. Orit will also be unable to discuss details of her termination with you.

Orit will continue to be available to us as a friend and perhaps to join us in our activities. You may reach her at her personal e-mail address at oritarfa@gmail.com. Please do NOT write to her at her ZOA e-mail address. If you have her on your computer on automatic drop-down, please correct her e-mail address if you want your e-mail to reach her.

The Los Angeles chapter of the ZOA will continue. I remain the Chairman of the Los Angeles chapter and Vice Chairman of the National Board. I hope all of you continue to join us in the Zionist cause. If you have any questions or just want to talk, please feel free to reach me at sgoldberg@raklaw.com.

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