I’m Trying To Figure Out The Difference Between Gay And Persian

An Orthodox Persian friend says he knows of no gay Persian Jew. Is it true that homosexuality is unknown among the Persians? Ahmadinijad says so.

I am trying to figure out if my friend is gay. He’s Persian Orthodox, nearly 30, and never kissed a woman. He dresses flamboyantly. He’s always pinching my facial cheeks and calling me “cutie pie.” He’s always noticing whether or not other guys are in shape and how they dress and their various physical imperfections, stuff I never notice. He keeps pointing out my bulging stomach and the stains on my teeth and my ill-fitting ratty clothes. When he’s touching me, he says that it is normal in Persian culture for guys to hug and kiss and to be very physically affectionate, so I don’t want to be intolerant of his culture and push him away. How can I best be a compassionate understanding friend?

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