Mayor’s Trouble Over Or Is It The Eye Of The Storm?

From a post to Mayor Sam:

It is the eye of the storm.

Antonio lied when he stated that he never had any other affairs. We all know this is not true, especially the press. Reporters are just lining up their ducks, calling out a mayor who has lied is a serious issue and the editors are mulling over all the reporter’s facts. There are quite a few other mistresses out there… For starters, that is not Corina in the picture on this mailer – as Matea Gold claimed it was. Mayor Sam, let’s see if your readers can figure out who it is.

HInt: she has something in common with Richard, Martha Reina’s husband at the time of this affair – but it is not Martha.

Here’s another sharp post:

A campaign backer apparently sold Mirthala her Condo at below market value.


I’m sure appointments, promotions of Sabrina Kay’s fashion line, and various other conflicts-of-interest would be of great interest to Rocky and others who would like to advance over Big Love.

Bottom line: Big Love wants to be Gov. There are many other politicians who would like that also. Getting Big Love’s scalp as part of anti-corruption would be a way of both blocking Big Love and proving to voters that said pol is tough on corruption and deserving of votes.

Screwing around on your wife and screwing your buddies wives is not illegal (though despicable). Conflict of interest violations for your mistresses CAN potentially be illegal depending on the law.

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