Condo Sold to Mirthala Salinas by Major Los Angeles lobby/PR Firm Executive and Villaraigosa campaign contributor

From "ERSNews has learned that the Studio City condo owned by Mirthala Salinas and her sister Isabel Salinas was sold to her by a political supporter of the mayor and campaign contributor. In addition, the seller, Robert Steve Bullock, is the Chief Financial Officer of Cerrell Associates one of the largest lobbying and public relations firms in Los Angeles. The company has a long track record of doing business with the city of Los Angeles."

Bullock is the son-in-law of Los Angeles lobbyist Joe Cerrell.

Steve emails: "I’ve attached the recent transaction history, as well as a list of comps in the neighborhood, for the Studio City condo purchased by the Mayor’s good friend.  FWIW, it was a half-million dollar purchase of a property that the previous owner got for $266k less than two years earlier, and it is only a one bedroom, two bathroom property.  This was definitely not sold for under-value."

We need to know what money changed hands before we can know if this transaction is on the up-and-up. She borrowed only $100,000 to buy this. Where did the rest of the money come from? Did she have $400,000 in the bank or did she borrow the money? If she borrowed the money, from who? Was it just given to her?

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