Gymnast Aly Raisman

Joe emails: I know that you are this big moral guy and your head is in the clouds or in daf yomi, but you really have to watch and re-watch the floor performance of Aly Raisman. It is testament to a mixture of Jewish brains and a supernatural ass.

None of the other performers had a chance in the event that requires the mental work of floor. The vault and uneven bars are purely the province of Chinese “athletes” who are malnourished, and the balance beam is apt to ridiculous scoring errors, as can be seen in the truly poignant scene of the old man of winter Bela Karolyi yelling at his acolyte to file an appeal because some idiot judge could not count the skills performed.

You should interview Aly Raisman rather than that windbag burnout Chaim Amalek, Aly’s victory is the most important jewish event of the year, save for the Israeli attack on iran slated for late December.

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