Tales From Jewish Dating Hell

Dating is the one thing you get worse at the more you do of it.

I came to Los Angeles at age 27. I went to 20-something evenings at Aish Ha Torah. Then I started going to 30-somethings. What a difference! The youngies were filled with hope and life while the oldies were bitter and cynical and stuck in their ways.

A big reason that men like me prefer younger women is that they are generally less bitter, less sure of themselves, more flexible, and more open to admiring their man.

The more you date, the more bitter you tend to become. The rage becomes rigid.

As for that shanda that Jewish women are sexually cold, that has not been my experience.

In my first 18 months in LA, I got with about 20 women, most of whom were Jewish. They were very generous with me. One even lent me $500 when I needed to fix the car I was going to live out of (once I’d moved out from her pad because her family, friends and therapist said I was using her).

I had a reputation at Stephen S. Wise temple. They used to say that I was a whore.

A common thing I used to tell myself about my women, my homely women, was, “She’s the best I can do right now.” I didn’t want to be alone in my grief. I wanted to lose it inside of a woman. I wanted the hottest, smartest, finest woman I could get but I was more than happy much of the time to settle for fives. As long as they weren’t high maintenance.

I was a womanizer, but a very lazy womanizer, as Cathy Seipp put it in my memoir. I could never be bothered to put much effort into it.

I like a plain-spoken unpretentious woman. As long as she’s not too big or too musty, I’m quite happy with plain so long as she has a nice personality and likes to take care of her man, to cook and to clean, and to read books so that I always have stimulating company.

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