Sarah Palin’s A Star

Joe emails:

She is a prodigy. At 44, to absolutely destroy Obama (the remark about two memoirs and no legislation is beyond sublime, it shows that Obama, mr. black freedom, is in this for the gelt) with the same cadence as though she was reading a recipe for salmon croquettes, is uncanny. Further, she is the America that shops at walmart, goes to church, knows how to clean a gun, and does not like lawyers. The attacks on her are going to be about as effective as peeing up a rope. She is not a windbag and she is not a cowering lily (like Hillary). I will maintain this until someone repeats it on the national media. Had Hillary worn one skirt (preferably after a 4 week training session) or done something other than wear pantsuits from hell, she would have won the nomination. Real woman in america with skinny ankles and hot legs wear skirts. Skirts and stockings are hot. Pantsuits and legislative experience are not.

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