‘Sorry, Luke’

I think it was the summer before 11th grade. I was riding in the backseat of a car to Pacific Union College from Lake Berryessa in the Napa Valley. I was with my former classmates from the college’s elementary school where I had spent sixth through eighth grade.

We were all feeling pretty rowdy that afternoon.

On an earlier occasion as we played on a deserted section of the lake, Debbie* had offered to take off her swimsuit if I doffed mine first.

I was too chicken.

On this day, however, I was bold. I started tickling Debbie, who was squeezed into the back with me and my mate Cary.

Debbie squealed of course as I poked at her ribs and then she protested and finally she appealed to Cary for help.

The little Hawaiian said, “Sorry, Luke”, then got me in a headlock until I calmed down.

My humiliation was complete.

PS. My last girlfriend warned that she would punch me if I ever tried to tickle her. I didn’t.

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