David Suissa Reviews Dennis Prager’s New Book

David Suissa writes: Perhaps the biggest obstacle is the notion that there’s no common ground between the visions of Left and the Right. That may well be true, but it’s also in some ways a self-fulfilling prophecy. The reality is that if Prager wants to improve the chances that his side will “triumph,” he needs to entice more people to his side, especially wavering “Leftists.”

There are a whole bunch of undecided and non-ideological Americans out there who, rightfully or not, are turned off by divisive labels and talk of “irreconcilable visions.” That group needs to be handled delicately. In the great ideological battle for the future of America, they may well represent the margin of victory.

Maybe what we need now is an equally earnest and passionate response from the Left that might begin a debate on this very subject of common ground.

As a starting point, I’m sure that many smart and articulate people on the Left will take issue with Prager taking ownership of the label “American” to describe his value system.

To those people, I throw out this challenge, in all earnestness: Write a book called “How Leftist American Values Can Help the World Triumph.”

I promise I won’t read it on a Kindle.

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