Lazy, Lazy, Lazy

Bob emails:

We all know that Luke is as lazy as they come, but what’s up with him clipping movie synopsis from and posting 35 photo stills? Is this journalism?

With Jews controlling all the media outlets and all the financial markets Luke’s slothful web site reflects poorly on the faith. Shame!

Chaim Amalek emails:

As I have told him, he is killing what little good will and reputation as a journalist he retains from his days covering porn. The site is pathetic, the sort of effort the smart crowd he used to hang with on occasion (courtesy of the late Cathy Seipp) must look upon with a mixture of pity and disgust, before they turn away and tune him out for good. Which, I understand, they have. He’s trying to make a living as a spammer, but on the retail side. (MEMO TO LUKE: Real Jews don’t do retail, not even in spamming.) The only thing keeping Luke going is the dream that one day the young Christian lass named "Emma" will abandon her Christian upbringing, move to America, and do for him what Holly Randal’s mother did for her father (be a provider of love, housing, babies, money and leisure time). Unlikely.

And that beard . . . it makes Luke look even less Jewish than before. Clearly Luke is not an orthodox Jew because he is not accepted as an orthodox Jews by its gatekeepers, so why should he have a such a beard? It is a form of theological transvestism, akin to the belief of trannies everywhere that they really do look like the gender they dress up as.

Khunrum emails: "What Luke is doing now represents, not a New Low but Rock Bottom. It’s like a drug addict or alcoholic in the gutter without further options. There is no Rhyme or Reason to his site and these movie adverts make no sense. He’s so lazy to even offer an original comment on the movies he posts. How many people could be left who read…The four or five of us from the old days? Rather depressing overall."

Bob emails:

Content suggestions to improve

Vegetarian Recipe of the Day

Random cartoons from the New Yorker

Statistical Data on the advance of the West Nile Virus in North American horses

Helpful hints on fabric stain removal

Selected quotes from "Chicken Soup for the Blogger’s Soul"

and finally …

Anything, and I mean anything, porn related !

I miss Mary Carey vodka fueled stream of consciousness rants. They were more coherent than Luke’s current content.

Chaim Amalek emails: "But concerning porn, why would anyone buy any porn these days, when you can view whatever you want for free over the net on sites like youporn (as reported by the WSJ)? The old ways of making and distributing the stuff would seem to be about as pertinent to today’s world as slide rules are to science. My sense is that porn has lost even its previous renegade cache, and is not about as hip as buying lottery tickets in bulk or betting on the horses at OTB."

Bob emails: "I guess it’s like the music business. With the spread of file sharing some artists (Nine INch Nails, Radiohead) just decided to give away their music and make their money on concert tickets and $35 t-shirts. I suspect porn producers could make more money selling baby wipes to the bukkake participants than the could selling the actual DVD.”

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