The Israel Festival

I did the walk for Israel Sunday morning from Rancho Park to the Museum of Tolerance and back. I wanted to go to the Israel festival but did not want to spend $15 (if you bought in advance or $19 at the show).

So after hanging around outside a little bit and having the privilege of washing my hands next to Orit Arfa, I trudged back home. About 300 yards east of Motor on Pico, I saw a ticket to the festival on the sidewalk. Nobody was around to return it to, so here was my opportunity to go to the show and meet women! But I did not want to reach down and pick up the ticket, fearing it would look undignified. And I did not want to try to use the ticket to get in and find out there was something wrong with it, that somebody had already used it, etc. I didn’t want to be humiliated.

So I walked home and spent all day editing highlights from the past two Torah Talks and cursing my isolation and wishing I was at the show talking to girls.

On Monday a friend told me, “It’s good you weren’t at the show because it was filled with hot Israeli girls and after seeing them, you would not be satisfied with the girls at shul.”

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