Men Want To Procreate Before They Protect Before They Provide

On Dennis Prager’s radio show April 18, 2012, Alison Armstrong said: “If a woman asks her man for something, he might go, we can’t afford that. Protect comes before provide. If he’s protecting his own resources, that will trump his desire to provide for her. She needs to honor that and not just think he’s a jerk.”

“When I asked my husband to put in a swimming pool, he just vetoed it and I thought he was a jerk. He calculated my $40,000 swimming was a $250,000 hit to our retirement fund.”

Dennis: “I think, am I protecting us? The issue of money is not what is spent but what is lost in protection.”

Alison: “A man will say no to something and a woman will think, he doesn’t love me. No. He’s protecting something. The no is always protecting something. It might be protecting his own energy. He’s got to get his tank filled before he can say yes.”

“It’s procreate, protect and then provide. Otherwise there’s nothing to protect and provide for.”

“When your man’s head is turned by another woman, it is terrifying to us. Why is it so terrifying to daughters when their divorced father gets his first girlfriend? Because it is procreate, protect and then provide, a man can’t help that his instinct will be first to protect and provide for the person with whom he is procreating. That is who he will protect and provide for first. Women know this instinctively. That’s why we’re so afraid of our man having intercourse with another woman.”

“If procreate is first, why not start the day that way? An intelligent wife doesn’t send a hungry man into the world.”

“When a man’s female type walks by, procreate breaks through the focus of providing and protecting. So when a man’s type walks by, it breaks through your focus. I’ve watched it happen to you during the show. You’re in the middle of providing your show when your type shows up on the TV screen… They put up a lot of your type on TV.”

Dennis: “On Fox News.”

Alison: “We were in a dialogue in one of our courses. There was a question a woman had for her boyfriend. ‘Why do you need so much sex? You went months without it when we weren’t together. Why do you need it so often?’ He was stunned. To him it was obvious, that protecting and providing requires energy, and he gets that from the procreating. It’s what fills the tank and provides the fuel for protecting and providing.”

“Women act with men in the reverse — please provide for me and then I’ll procreate with you. It’s like saying to a car, take me somewhere and then I’ll give you gas.”

“Men don’t know what sex costs women. It costs us biologically. When you ask your wife for sex, she’s checking her own accounts. She’s checking to see if she can afford it. Do we have what it is going to cost us? Sex costs a woman oxytocin. It leaves her feeling disconnected. Foreplay is the process of building oxytocin, which makes her feel like she can afford to have sex. That’s why she wants to snuggle. That starts building it again.”

“A woman with a full-time job outside of the home is not building oxytocin. She’s spending testosterone. She’s exhausted and disconnected at the end of that experience.”

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