Sam Harris Has His Head Screwed On Straight

Sam Harris is one of the famous atheists endlessly crusading about how stupid theistic belief is.

I met him at a lecture on Islam a few years ago. We talked for a few minutes and I was impressed by him. Obviously I am not an atheist, but I could see that his thinking was clear. He believed in right and wrong and he didn’t call evil good or good evil.

He says about Israel:

Consider the position of Israel, which is so regularly vilified by the Left. As a secularist and a nonbeliever–and as a Jew–I find the idea of a Jewish state obnoxious. But if ever a state organized around a religion was justified, it is the Jewish state of Israel, given the world’s propensity for genocidal anti-Semitism. And if ever criticism of a religious state was unjustified, it is the criticism of Israel that ceaselessly flows from every corner of the Muslim world, given the genocidal aspirations so many Muslims freely confess regarding the Jews. Those who see moral parity between the two sides of Israeli-Palestinian conflict are ignoring rather obvious differences in intent.

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